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June 2016
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Covering North, Middle and South Ponds

Babbs Gets Cleaned Up!

Citizens Restoring Congamond, in cooperation with the town of Suffield, really cleaned up on Saturday, May 21!  Over 45 volunteers showed up at Babb’s Park with rakes, paint brushes and rollers, and even a hedge trimmer to transform a long-neglected park and beach.  The results were amazing!  Many dumpsters were filled with leaves, fallen branches and other debris that had accumulated over the years.  After four hours of hard work, the lawn, the beach, the hillside adjacent to the beach, and even the dirt road leading to the beach were all looking great and ready for the August opening!  Many thanks are due to the volunteers who gave up their Saturday morning to help, to Justin Ayotte of Ayotte Construction and the town of Suffield for providing heavy equipment and hard-working crews that groomed the beach and hauled all the debris away.  You can see the results in the photos on our website at www.congamond.org.



Highlights of the May CRC Meeting…

Over 25 people attended the May 10 CRC meeting at Crabby Joe’s.  CRC Treasurer Ann Gustafson reported on the new memberships received and the results of the April 30 plant sale.  Steve Schmid discussed the lake treatment that was done on May 9 and distributed maps showing the planned treatment areas – actual treatment areas may have varied.  Eric Mueller, a Southwick Lake Management Committee member, spoke about the database that has been built for water analysis.  An alum treatment to reduce phosphate levels is being considered but will cost approximately $800,000 – Southwick is trying to get grants for this.  The canal restoration project would increase flow out of the lake and therefore improve water quality and help manage the lake level but it is currently unfunded.  A lake depth profile done last week found that the water is warmer than last year, which may result in more algae growth this year, which may require more treatments.  Ron Greene discussed two possible future events: a swap meet and a kayak race.  Christine Pepka announced that the CLEPO fund raiser at Crabby Joe’s on May 7 raised approximately $1,700.  They now have about $5,000 toward their goal of $15,000 to fight the appeal of their lawsuit victory.  A golf tournament is planned for July 9 at the Suffield Country Club, with an optional dinner. 

Next CRC Meeting Tuesday, June 14
  The June CRC meeting will be held on Tuesday evening, June 14, starting at 7:00 p.m. at Crabby Joe’s restaurant at 141 Congamond Road in Southwick.  Please note that as a result of a suggestion at the April meeting, the meeting now begins at 7:00 p.m.  The Board meeting that precedes the general meeting will start at 6:00 p.m. and is open to all.  Although there will be no guest speaker at this meeting, we will get the latest updates on invasive weed treatments, water health and the Babb’s Clean Up.  Plans for the annual Independence Day boat parade on Saturday, July 2, will be discussed.  The Congamond Lakes Environmental Protection Organization (CLEPO) will provide an update on the lawsuit over the proposed mining operation on South Pond.  Attend and find out what CRC is all about and what and you can do to help the lakes!  Remember, CRC pays for one third of the lake treatments, and without involvement from the community, we may eventually not be able to pay our share.

Current CRC Officers…

President: Deb Herath; VP: Kevin Maloney; Treasurer: Ann Gustafson; Secretary: Rob Tatro
Committee Chairs:
   Hospitality: Sharon Jones and Sandie MacDowell
   Babb’s Park: Jerry Crane, Linda Champagney and Ginny Graves.
   Technical Advisor: Steve Schmid

Have you renewed your membership for 2016?

CRC depends entirely on membership dues to support its many activities which benefit our beautiful Congamond lakes.  This includes fighting invasive weeds and algae blooms which, in addition to being very unpleasant, have the potential to close the lakes to all activity.  Please consider renewing your membership now at a higher level and/or including an additional contribution to support our lakes.  Donations are tax deductible.  And if you’d like to get involved as a volunteer, please let us know – we want your help! 

Citizens Restoring Congamond is a duly recognized, volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the betterment of the Congamond Lakes. We can be reached at www.congamond.org, or P.O. Box 651, Southwick, MA 01077.
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